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Tape (Shit Music for Shit People)

It seems like the cult Italian cassette label "Best Kept Secret" (check out their new signing "Dewdrop Fountain" from the Philippines!) has now found itself a little countrymate-cousin in the name of "Shit Music for Shit People".

Their first tape release, pressed in only 100 copies, comes from the charming californian duet Jonesin (Matt & Jenny Jones). They're young, they're well-dressed, they gonna marry very soon and they look like Nancy and Lee !

Musicwise, Jonesin's electropop is sad BUT happy, square BUT round, cheap BUT rich...and... haven't heard such a distinctive & profound mixed voice alliance since "The Ballad of Tom Jones".

Truly imaginative artwork by Audrey Bonnamy, available in blue, red and black ink !

Get the tape HERE while you still can !

=> A song : "Hey Aliens !"

=> A video : "Rollerskates"


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amazing You're right about sad but happy. Listening to this record stirs an emotion inside me that's akin to a day-long [url=http://rastapeople.clanteam.com/index.php?action=profile;u=19]acid trip[/url].

Écrit par : titania | 26/02/2010

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