EDH : New York Tracks 2001-2002 (Matte Black Editions-2009)

This music was never meant to reach your ears. Keep it for you. These words were knowingly doomed to silence . Do not spread them.

This is Emmanuelle de Héricourt's Book of Exodus. New York was her desert. A trip taken down memory lane. Mirrors are broken. Wings are crushed. Pictures are bleak. So saddening, so beauteous !

Life is hard sometimes but don't worry babe...

You never skimmed through this entry. You're already gone.


The video below is a foretaste of EDH next album called "Prédature" due in Januari on Lentonia Records.

EDH - Medium waves

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Horse Shoes


Horse Shoes : The Imperial School  CDEP+7" (Shelflife Records)

"I wanna be your only friend in Life. I wanna hold your hand all through the night..."

The gleaming latest primeur from Shelflife Records' 1000 series (combining a CDEP with a 7" in a limited edition) sounds totally Swedish, but make no mistake about it !

Uprooted from anonymity earlier this year with its first demos and its splendid Field Mice reprise, American duo Horse Shoes has hereby quickly made its way to the upper echelons of a course doomed to pop excellence.

Those 8 songs immerse ourselves into a well-known sort of fully integrated "B" wellness (Brighter, Boat Club, Blueboy, Bridal Shop), built-up with ethereal walls, gentle 80's beats, shimmering guitars and hairless-male voices.

Horse shoes are made for galloping and that's just what they gonna do.

=> "The Imperial School"          => Buy the CDEP/7" HERE


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Young Michelin


Young Michelin

  Young Michelin emerges from nowhere. Young Michelin comes from everywhere : A., R., L., T. & R., five young souls spread over different French regional entities : Loire, Bretagne, Alsace, Ardennes...

  Two first songs requisitionned by the bright-eyed people at Holiday Records :

-"Je suis fatigué", the end of the world has been cancelled, the shadows of Etienne Charry & Michel Gondry are threatening but the ghost of Christophe is on his guard.

-"Les copains", the soundtrack of a yellowed classroom picture, buoyant & dark, as if  John McGeogh had secretly taken part to the Faith sessions.

  Finally that "Obscene" thing, not included on the Holiday digital release, definitely a whole Buzzcocks/Magazine thing à la Française, to be taken at first or thirty-sixth degree...

  This band has no sound of his own yet. But this band sets the style already.  "...just the start of something..."

=> "Obscène"


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Jonesin : Hi, we're Jonesin!
Tape (Shit Music for Shit People)

It seems like the cult Italian cassette label "Best Kept Secret" (check out their new signing "Dewdrop Fountain" from the Philippines!) has now found itself a little countrymate-cousin in the name of "Shit Music for Shit People".

Their first tape release, pressed in only 100 copies, comes from the charming californian duet Jonesin (Matt & Jenny Jones). They're young, they're well-dressed, they gonna marry very soon and they look like Nancy and Lee !

Musicwise, Jonesin's electropop is sad BUT happy, square BUT round, cheap BUT rich...and... haven't heard such a distinctive & profound mixed voice alliance since "The Ballad of Tom Jones".

Truly imaginative artwork by Audrey Bonnamy, available in blue, red and black ink !

Get the tape HERE while you still can !

=> A song : "Hey Aliens !"

=> A video : "Rollerskates"


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