Bikini Blueboy


Blueboy : Bikini 7" (Aquavinyle 01)

Chelsea Guitar

Air France

Sea Horses

Three songs recorded live at "le Bikini", Toulouse (05/94)

Keith (vocals), Paul (guitars), Gemma (vocals), Mark (bass), Harvey (guitars), Martin (drums)

"Love is an ocean so hard to swim, a race we all run but never win, I'm looking for reasons so hard to find, don't think I'll find them but I don't mind..."

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If I can allow myself, maybe you can take a look, listen & download and published this :

EVEDEN : Violent Derby Ep
(pop group from France)


thanks for them

see you


Écrit par : eveden | 25/10/2009

brilliant cover!

Écrit par : edine | 05/11/2009

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