Laure Briard chante...


Laure Briard chante (Demo CDr)

Laure Briard' s voice has that little something that makes it instantly endearing, a bit mischievious like Hélène, a bit elvish like Pascale  and a bit naïve like Sylvie.

And behind the Muse there's an Apollo crouched in the shadow... His name is Julien Barbagallo (Aquaserge, LeCube), also seen performing with Bertrand Burgalat or Mehdi Zannad (Fugu).

You can count here on pure French POP bliss with classy songwriting, from assumed yéyé hints to semi-electronica landscapes (cfr Margo) to obsessive Vincent Gallo-tripping ballads. this is a sure heart-winner, perhaps only perfictible in the field of homogeneity ! Let's - not secretly - hope for an official Laure Briard release soon !! 

Laure Briard chante : "Tatoo"


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