Tasia and Friend


Tasia and Friend : All Girls Are Lined EP (Autoproduced)

Tasia is singing to her imaginary friend. She’s singing imaginary notes - soft and low. Her voice sticks to the wall like static electricity. It reminds me of ‘A view from her room’ by Weekend. Or maybe…

Tracey Thorn looking out of the window of a Hull bedsit. Smoking a cigarette, wishing she was by the sea in shades and sundress.

The discrete sensuality of abandoned dollhouses.

Tasia’s voice is often distant, slightly high-pitched, clear, and pretty – secretly. It shyly breaks through anorexic layers of sounds – electric guitar and machine beats - gentle loops. ‘Aged girl by your side’ grows on me so much – a northern beach in the winter. We’re alone. Swinging. Your eyes are a different colour each time I stare into them. They make everything else EMPTY.

The five songs were home-recorded in Lille (France) a few weeks ago – you’d never know where they belong.

The discrete tragedy of collapsing dollhouses. Look. It is everything it ever was: IMAGINATION. This EP is very much in the spirit of El records (which is SPIRIT, and SOUL and IDEAS). There were more words than there were songs. But then I’m listening to it and you’re listening as well and you touch my hand - this is the realest feeling in the universe – fear. Tasia And Friend is every age, every season we ever were. Spring summer autumn winter, and young and old, and young again.

=> Tasia and Friend : "Aged Girl by your Side"



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Bien qu'il existe de nombreuses formes de l'amitié, dont certaines peuvent varier d'un endroit à l'autre, certaines caractéristiques sont présentes dans de nombreux types d'amitié. Ces caractéristiques comprennent l'affection, la sympathie, l'empathie, l'honnêteté, l'altruisme.

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