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Maison Neuve : Touché au coeur 7" (Sauvage)

An unclouded short road with the blessed Refry days... and then again, no wrong foot with the longer Maison Neuve journey ! As a matter of fact, Guillaume Faure and his mates have kept dazzling our ears and minds with each and every release. And this new 7" is no exception. 

A-side "Touched in the Heart" couldn't be so pertinently entitled. Starting solemnly and viscerally, the singing quickly turns one octave higher to release the initial tension. This allows the consecutive guitar-wall to catch you up into the whirlwind and just then, you know you have no other option but let yourself get carried away. Masterstroke.

B-side "Au large de la ville", a cruel infanticide story, which is as far as known their sole french-speaking song (and hopefully not the last one), is also a new version of a title included in their essential 2008 "Victor Victor" EP, a bit more powerpop than the original, giving it a totally new bright, primitive and sharp angle. Straightforward.

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Ah j'aime bien... comme d'habitude... à bientôt...

Écrit par : Zoé | 14/12/2009

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