Standard Fare


Standard Fare : Fifteen 7" (Thee SPC)

As a follow-up to their catchy "Dancing" single  and as  a foretaste to the  forthcoming UK & US release of their debut album "The Noyelle Beat", Sheffield's trio Standard Fare, one of the most exciting acts to have emerged this year, spoils us with this nice-looking blue vynil 7", just in time to help us celebrate the new decade !

While A-side "Fifteen" perfectly fulfills the role of the infectious sing-along hit, B-side "Understand" gives Emma's voice another chance to kiss the stars on a splendid New Pornographers-like tune, full of melodic brilliance & emphasis.

=> Get the 7" HERE


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2009 in the rear-view


2009, a year of love & hate, a year of  pop & black cherries...


1.       The Bridal Shop : In Fragments EP (Plastilina)…no word !

2.       Pants Yell! : Received Pronounciation (Slumberland)…let’s cry together!

3.       The Burning Hearts : Aboa Sleeping (Shelflife)…Finland 12 points !

4.       Désolé : Perdu corps et biens (Volvox)…nouvelle vague !

5.       Memory Cassette : Call & Response EP (Acephale)…they did it better !

6.       The Crayon Fields : All the Pleasures of the World (Chapter)…Aussie pop perfection !

7.       Papa Topo! : Cyborgs Paseando (Autorelease)…so so so cute !

8.       Strawberry Machine : Girlfriend (abcdefg Records)…nippon power !

9.       Ray Rumours : Le pont suspendu (Stitch Stitch)…hurray frànçois !

10.   The Sea Lions : Let’s Groove EP (YAY !)…so young & so jangly !

11.   Automelodi : Automelodi fait ses courses EP (Autoproduced)…Növo not dead !

12.   The Mayfair Set : Young One (Captured Tracks)…hallucinating !

13.   Dominique A : La Musique + Kick Peplum EP (Wagram)…yes, Master !

14.   Horse Shoes : The Imperial School EP +7” (Shelflife)…shimmering !

15.   Citrus : Pits are the Pits Recollection (Polystar Japan)… rare EP’s gathered at last !

16.   The Wild Swans : the two 7” singles (Occultation)… stunning comeback !

17.   The POBPAH : S/T album + Higher than the stars EP (Slumberland)…a phenomenon !

18.   Liechtenstein : Survival Strategies in a modern World (Fraction Discs)…best gig 2009!

19.   Sally Shapiro : My Guilty Pleasure (Paperbag)…more than italodisco !

20.   Young Michelin : S/T digital single (Holiday)…”Les Copains”, soundtrack of the year !

21.   Mr Wright : Diary of a Fool (Series Two)…always & forever !

22.   EDH : New-York Tracks (Matte Black)…haunting !

23.   God Help the Girl : S/T (Rough Trade)…Dantesque !

24.   The Brilliant Corners : Growing up absurd/What’s in a Word reedition (Cherry Red)…yeah…brilliant !

25.   Original Folks : Common Use (Herzfeld)…non-stop Kazoooo !

26.   Little Big Adventure : Hateful Eye EP (Labrador)…easy going treasure !

27.   Alexander Faem : Agent 238 (Chantage)…so underrated concept album !

28.   Cats on Fire : Our Temperance Movement (Matinée)…a great confirmation !

29.   Modular : Fantasias de un robot psicodelico (Elefant)…futuristic pop from Chile !

30.   Falseparklocation : S/T (Dokidoki)…fantastic french electropop duo !




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front cover mini

Fireflies : Covers EP (Littlemusic)

After that unforgettable "Cherry Blossom Girl" version that staggered everybody's minds, Lisle Mitnik aka Fireflies has decided to gather all the covers he did in the past few years into this brand new free download EP featuring amazing unreleased versions of songs by Joy Division, Asobi Seksu, Talking Heads, Ramones, Neil Young, Shonen Knife & of course... this metronomico-synthetico version of "Hollow Inside", one of The Cat's Miaow best songs ever !

And here is The Cat's Miaow's original version :

=> The Cat's Miaow : "Hollow Inside" (1995)

Also freshly available is the brand new Fireflies album "Autumn Almanac" which will be talked about here as soon as possible. You can order it from HERE.


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Maison Neuve


Maison Neuve : Touché au coeur 7" (Sauvage)

An unclouded short road with the blessed Refry days... and then again, no wrong foot with the longer Maison Neuve journey ! As a matter of fact, Guillaume Faure and his mates have kept dazzling our ears and minds with each and every release. And this new 7" is no exception. 

A-side "Touched in the Heart" couldn't be so pertinently entitled. Starting solemnly and viscerally, the singing quickly turns one octave higher to release the initial tension. This allows the consecutive guitar-wall to catch you up into the whirlwind and just then, you know you have no other option but let yourself get carried away. Masterstroke.

B-side "Au large de la ville", a cruel infanticide story, which is as far as known their sole french-speaking song (and hopefully not the last one), is also a new version of a title included in their essential 2008 "Victor Victor" EP, a bit more powerpop than the original, giving it a totally new bright, primitive and sharp angle. Straightforward.

=> get the 7" worldwide from HERE


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