Viking Dress


Viking Dress : Summarize EP (autoproduced)

When French songwriter Serge Majewski claims to anyone who cares his deep love for bands like the Church, The Feelies or Felt, it's not an element of surpise to see his new musical project getting the name of a song by the last-mentioned...

Viking Dress, that's a pure jangly guitar feeling with great female choirs, sung in French or English, in between Florent Marchet's fantastic rides (Comme 4), Soy un Caballo's lyricism (Les pelouses) and even some old obscure Cherry Red stuff (Lalie's Game intro).

Sponsored by Midi Association, the administrative structure behind the french Midi Festival, this debut EP has also benefited from a huge soundmixing work by David Wrench (Caribou, Bat for Lashes, Julian Cope, Ian Mc Cullogh...), giving it a totally bright & professional dressing. A must-have-had !!!

=> Get the EP directly from the band HERE

=> Viking Dress : "Lalie's Game"

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c'est excellent!

Écrit par : kingem | 24/02/2010

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