The Tomatometers


The Tomatometers : Boys should always look down EP (Autoreleased)

The Tomatometers are Bruno Durand on his own, a French poplover who used to live in London for some time but who recently got back to his homecountry. In the past, Bruno has also played drums for the pre-Maison Neuve band Refry and is still involved in the great unfinished Plastic Pancake label adventure.

After a debut autoreleased demo EP called "5 uncertainties" back in 2007, partly re-released on german Cdr label Edition 59, this is his brand new autoreleased delivery in the form of a CDr EP !

And there's something really disarming about those 4 songs that is going straight to the core... Is it this "Fountain Island" feeling ? Is it this soberness ? Is it this hint of sincerity ? Is it this tiny French touch ? All-true story of course... Check it out by yourself !!!

=> Buy it from Bruno HERE or pre-listen & download it HERE

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