Buggy : Diagrams (Herzfeld)

The long-awaited new essay from the poppiest outfit of French label Herzfeld is finally on track and into the racks.

Buggy is fronted by Renaud Sachet, ex-protagonist of the fabulous Cornflakes Zoo adventure with Les Molies (together with his current bandmate Jacques Speyser - also Original Folks' leader) both accompanied by many musicians from the "Herzfeld galaxy-family".

Lively or nonchalant, naïve or poignant (the wonderful closer A truth), ceremonial or lighthearted, even whistling-waltzing (Enjoy the Show), even Germano-Alsace-anchored (Polska Licht) and even madchester-winking (Power to the People), their music is quite ambivalent indeed, far more broadened than on the previous Blaesheim Hill album, and the setlist is full of absolute toppers (1973, Angel, Movement, A Truth...)!

As if Jarvis was headlining a jam session with Richard Hawley, Peter Astor and Pants Yell! boys Andrew & Sterling. Exhilarating.

=> Buy it HERE

=> Buggy : "Movement"

=> Bonus : Anne Bacheley feat. Renaud Sachet : "Energy"

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The Tomatometers


The Tomatometers : Boys should always look down EP (Autoreleased)

The Tomatometers are Bruno Durand on his own, a French poplover who used to live in London for some time but who recently got back to his homecountry. In the past, Bruno has also played drums for the pre-Maison Neuve band Refry and is still involved in the great unfinished Plastic Pancake label adventure.

After a debut autoreleased demo EP called "5 uncertainties" back in 2007, partly re-released on german Cdr label Edition 59, this is his brand new autoreleased delivery in the form of a CDr EP !

And there's something really disarming about those 4 songs that is going straight to the core... Is it this "Fountain Island" feeling ? Is it this soberness ? Is it this hint of sincerity ? Is it this tiny French touch ? All-true story of course... Check it out by yourself !!!

=> Buy it from Bruno HERE or pre-listen & download it HERE

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Viking Dress


Viking Dress : Summarize EP (autoproduced)

When French songwriter Serge Majewski claims to anyone who cares his deep love for bands like the Church, The Feelies or Felt, it's not an element of surpise to see his new musical project getting the name of a song by the last-mentioned...

Viking Dress, that's a pure jangly guitar feeling with great female choirs, sung in French or English, in between Florent Marchet's fantastic rides (Comme 4), Soy un Caballo's lyricism (Les pelouses) and even some old obscure Cherry Red stuff (Lalie's Game intro).

Sponsored by Midi Association, the administrative structure behind the french Midi Festival, this debut EP has also benefited from a huge soundmixing work by David Wrench (Caribou, Bat for Lashes, Julian Cope, Ian Mc Cullogh...), giving it a totally bright & professional dressing. A must-have-had !!!

=> Get the EP directly from the band HERE

=> Viking Dress : "Lalie's Game"

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Burning hearts


Burning Hearts : Night Animal 7" (Shelflife)

Since the first listen 2 years back, "Night Animal" has always been my fave BH song, and big was my surprise not to see it included in their wonderful debut album last year. 

This new single version sounds less dark than the original demo, with some dreamy effects added too. Initial metronomic beat and guitar have been enriched with some additional percussions and folk accompaniment. Still and more than never, it remains my fave BH song.

Best single of the decade, so far !

A. Night Animal

B. A Peasant's Dream (Jori Hullkonen Remix)

Order it HERE !!!

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