The Garlands


The Garlands / The Sugarplums split 7" (Atomic Beat)

2009 has been one of the best "Roger Gunnarsson/Clive Reynolds" vintage years...

It started in januari with that wonderful and almost secret Cloetta Paris download-only single "You and me by the stereo", produced by the man behind Milky. (It is said the new Cloetta Paris album will be released soon on Skywriting and will be preceded by a single on Papillons Noirs !)

It continued in August with 3 songs written on the stunning Sally Shapiro second album My Guilty Pleasure, including the perfect single "Love in July" and the great "Miracle".

It went further in September with the totally unexpected Free Loan Investments posthumous 7" single "The Last Dance" on Magic Marker, a bunch of gorgeous unreleased songs by the too-quickly-disappeared swedish supercombo.

Now time for those 2 new Garlands delicacies. "Open arms" is an immediate girlie-pop winner, the kind of fluent but abrasive song à la Talulah Gosh you instantly fall in love with. "Tell me" starts almost cerebrally like Wire's "Practice makes perfect", then shortly moves on with an enchanting "Cloetta-shaped" Christin's voice to quickly reach the stratosphere with those puzzling tempo changes and heavenly vocal exercises. BRILLIANT ! Definitely headliners of my heart at next London Popfest in a few days time...

As for The Sugarplums, who I never heard of before, I quite like their US indie-garage sound, reminding me a lot of Cause Co-Motion! Digging a bit further, their debut EP sounds even better than the 2 songs on the split, which is not an easy thing!! Definitely need to keep an eye on them !


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