Would-be-goods in Paris


WOULD-BE-GOODS  - To be seen for the first time live in France, the WOULD-BE-GOODS are the indiepop quintessence. Besides the likes of Momus, Louis Philippe, Always or King of Luxembourg, they wrote the history of the cult label él Records in golden letters, establishing Jessica Griffin as a discrete and enigmatic pop icon. Inspired as never since their comeback in 2001, they recently released their great album "Eventyr" on the Matinée label.The WBG line up is with Andy Warren (Adam & The Ants, Monochrome Set) and Peter Momtchiloff (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly). Get your chance to pick them up !!

THE LEEDS - Energic indie pop, cultivate guitars and english stylishness, THE LEEDS, french band you can believd is coming from somewhere else, will be as well for its fisrt time in Paris. With the english native Pandora Burgess's bright voice and Sébastien Poggioli's compositions, THE LEEDS is proposing a finely wrought music under pop influence (Brian Wilson, The Sneetches), indie rock (Teenage Fan Club, Violent Femmes) liven up with brilliant ideas !

VIKING DRESS - When French songwriter Serge Majewski claims to anyone who cares his deep love for bands like the Church, The Feelies or Felt, it's not an element of surprise to see his musical project getting the name of a song by the last-mentioned.. VIKING DRESS, that's a pure jangly guitar feeling with great female choirs, sung in French or English, in between Florent Marchet's fantastic rides, Soy un Caballo's lyricism and even some old obscure Cherry Red stuff … 2010 revelation ? Go check it out !




Tickets at venue or on preorder HERE

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