Veronica Falls


Veronica FallsFound Love in a Graveyard 7’’ (Captured Tracks)


‘Starry eyes’ is a tune locked in a children’s music box. A plastic ballerina starts pirouetting each time you open the box.  


First step, and your voice is thinner than your dress. It will wear out on the long run. You’ll soon be slighly breathless. A boy is walking two steps behind you. Woohoohoo. His voice muffled in the background. And then – he’s getting closer. You’re not scared. He’s singing in your ear now. It’s all too soft to hurt. Sky of cotton and skin of silk.   


You’re fake but everything else is true. ‘Starry eyes’ is a cover of a 1984 song by Roky Erickson. Raw, distorted rock cut into pearls. The cover song may become a metaphor of flimsy, easy teenage love. It may become a cover under which to hide our insignificance. Until it no longer hides anything. Until it becomes obvious there is nothing to it. An air. Barely.


The Grass Widow girls (Captured Tracks labelmates) are lazily dancing next door, drenched in drunken harmonies and strawberry wine vapours, and for all the retro-vanguard guitars, for all the doe-eyed dolls (radio days voices & the shadow of a doubt), you say okay, we’ve been here before, but hell we’re here again. Girl-boy vocal harmonies, light confusion. One 7-inch, spinning away.  


Veronica Falls is a faded pop moment. You don’t have to stay. It’s gone anyway. Your wristwatch reads 1966. You shut the ballerina back in the box. End of all sparkles. A faint, not unpleasant, vanilla perfume is lingering in the room. This too will fade away.


All I ever found in graveyards was silence & empty looks.  



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Oh goodness me, THIS is a post. What descriptive details! Gorgeous, lush! I did hear this song out at the club Thursday night but it wasn't the right time to hear it. It either needed to be first or last when one's head is hazy.

Écrit par : jennifer | 03/04/2010

They're absolutly great and gorgeous, I love them and bought all their singles. Nice choice for the cover of Starry Eyes. I'm really happy to see a belgian blog about twee pop, indie pop, etc... I nicely fall here by searching informations about Strawberry Machine. ♥ Thank You My Karma ♥

Have a good day,
Camille* (from Belgium too)

Écrit par : Camille | 24/04/2010

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