Bart & Friends


Bart & Friends : "Make You blush" EP (Lost and Lonesome)

Only that sort of miracle could bring us back from the grave...

Bart Cummings, of Cat's Miaow and Hydroplane fame, is coming up after years of silence with this unexpected release on Lost and Lonesome Recording Co (one of the few Aussie labels to keep the flame burning after Library Records and Candle Records shutting it all down...).

Twelve minutes of pop splendour in 8 episodes, in order to regain consciousness... dreaming - or not, smiling -or not, blushing - or not, remembering - or not, feeling - or not, ...

Amongst "the friends" this time, legendary ex-Shapiro's bandmate Pam Berry on vocals and several Lucksmiths-related chaps like Mark Monnone, Stanley Paulzen & Louis Richter.


=> Get it HERE

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