Spinvis : Goochelaars en geesten (Excelsior)

2001...After many years experimentation & sampling on his computer at home in Nieuwegein Netherlands, the 41 years old Erik de Jong decides at last to send his DIY 3 songs-demo tape to Excelsior label...Two weeks later, a deal is signed !!

The debut album is released on april 2002 and the two outstanding singles "Smalfilm" and "Voor ik vergeet" (see video) are following in the same year. The Dutch and Flemish press reactions are unanimous and Spinvis is getting public recognition through many magazines and radios (Oor, Humo, Studio Brussel, Radio 2...). 

Altough Spinvis is well-recognized in Netherlands and Flanders, the fact that Erik is singing in Dutch is a clear obstacle to further well-deserved international recognition à la Solex...but language is not the only guaranty of course... (e.g  John Wayne shot me, Persil, Zea...)

The Spinvis fingerprint is a nostalgic lo-fi meeting pop music, as if Migala was meeting Tindersticks in an Amsterdam kindergarten 10 years ago... On many numbers of  this latest "Goochelaars en Geesten" though, the early DIY spirit has left place to more mature arrangements and production, with full orchestration and proper musicians. This is actually not a real album but more a collection of earlier works including b-sides, unpublished tracks (songs done for movies, comps, tv series, public performances ...). The whole bunch is quite  homogeneous and fascinating I must say,  jumping from one melodic highlight to another!

Erik de Jong...a poet, a pop genius... ==> Spinvis : Op een ochtend in het Heelal


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Burning Hearts

burning hearts

Ever experienced love at first sight ? You know that feeling when just one glance at a stranger across the room sends your heart flying high as a kite, sets your pulse racing and you know he/she is the one for you.

It took me only one listen to the four songs on Finnish band Burning Hearts' myspace page to realize they were just that kind of "stranger". In fact I boldly proclaimed them to be my favourite band ... ever, only on that one listen. You romantic fool you might think, but with those four perfectly formed songs sounding like a poppier early Broadcast sprinkled with some of that magical Scandinavian POP sheen we've come to know and love (think Club 8 or Sambassadeur), what is there not to adore ?
The fact that the band didn't give much away, only describing themselves rather mysteriously as "man woman machine", made them all the more alluring.

However, after some investigating I can now reveal that Burning Hearts are really no strangers at all. In fact they are Jessika from the rather ace Le Futur Pompiste and Henry from the equally brilliant Cats on Fire and they have been making beautiful music together since the spring of 2006. An album should be on our way in 2008, as well as the brand new Le Futur Pompiste !
Go on, let your heart be set alight by these Burning Hearts too ! You will not regret it.


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Moscow Olympics


Moscow Olympics : Still 7" (Fraction Discs)

Woww... a band from Philippines that has nothing to do with the Marquez brothers !!! Fraction Discs label is not very prolific but when they have a crush for a band, you better double cross-check it !! Both sides from this debut 7"are pure shoegaze pop perfection ! With its stepped-up Cocteau Twinesques accents, "Still" could have been the next Radio Dept single...as well as the flipside "Talk like this", a kind of missing link between MBV and Secret Shine...Official release very very soon...


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Albums 2007

01. Cats on Fire : Our Province complains

02. Love Dance : Result

03. High Llamas : Can Cladders

04. Little Name : How to swim and live (also in 2006 list)

05. A Smile and a Ribbon : The Boy I wish I never met

06. Pants Yell! : Alison Statton

07. The Clientele : God Save the Clientele

08. Orwell : Le Génie Humain

09. Ferns : On Botany

10. Frànçois : Brother (unfinished album)

11. Tillmanns : A careless Lifestyle

12. Twisted Charm : Real Fictional

13. Lodger : Grown Ups

13. La Casa Azul : La Revolucion Sexual

14. The Mary Onettes : The Mary Onettes

15. Louis Philippe : An unknown Spring

16. Anthony Rochester : Music for in the Spaceship (early version)

17. Club 8 : The Boy who couldn’t stop dreaming

18. Blonde Redhead : 23

18. Tullycraft : Every Scene needs a Center

19. Benjamin Biolay : Trash yé yé

20. Saturday Looks good to me : Fill up the Room

21. The Dreamers : Day for Night

22. Jens Lekman : Night falls over Kortedala

23. Plastic Operator : Different Places

24. Trembling Blue Stars : The last holy Writer

25. Fireflies : Goodnight Star, Goodnight Moon

26. The Icicles : Arrivals and Departures

26. Dylan Mondegreen : While I walk you Home

27. Celestial : Dream On

28. Friday Bridge : Intricacy

29. Watoo Watoo : La fuite

29. After School Sports : A short Melodrama

30. Dondolo : Dondolisme


Which one did I miss or forget  ???


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This is fake DIY Records


Recently came accross this young London based label, branch of a well-known online music site of the same name. To date, they have released several exciting new bands launched with some promising 7"or EP's...Here's a selection : 



The Chiara L's : "Knives / Kate's Kid" 7"

This is the debut double-A side single (released this 10/12) from this Leeds band who has taken the whole UK by storm with their very energetic sets recently. Deep bass-structures topped with Bikini Kill / Sleater-Kinney-like guitar walls and voices. Definitely worth digging further later on...





Love ends Disaster :"Suzanne / Dinosaur" 7"

The first song is not a Moose reprise but a brilliant power pop gem full of sound hooks and tempo changes. Their second song, Dinosaur, which is said to be a tribute to Elton John (??) is reminding me a lot of Husker Dü...quite engaging...





The Loyal Trooper :"4 Quid with Flyer" EP

Upbeat indiepop à la Lodger for a one-man band (Andy Walker) originating from Manchester (what an accent!). Four infectious and immediate songs navigating between poppy Buzzcocks and a lightweight Wedding Present !



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Piero Umiliani


Piero Umiliani : Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso (Easy Tempo)

Best known for his famous "Mah na mah na" song, later featured on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, Piero Umiliani must be one of your easy pop heroes, in the same line as André Popp, Burt Baccharach, Bruno Nicolai or Martin Denny... His "Svezia, Inferno e Paradisio" soundtrack was made in 1968 for an Italian documentary about Swedish life and debauchery (see movie extract below). It remains a true "classique du genre" with such perfect pop moments as "You tried to warn me", "Mah na mah na", "Beer, Vermouth & Gin"" or 'Le Ragazze dell'arcipelago"

=> Piero Umiliani : "Le Ragazze dell"Arcipelago"


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Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes


"Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes" sounds a bit like the title to one of those wonderful children's stories the Scandinavians are so great at (think Astrid Lindgren) don't you think ?

In fact Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes are yet another of those freshfaced Scandinavian bands who have graduated from the school of perfect indiepop ("the complete history of classic indiepop part 1-15 : from Postcard to Sarah" must surely be part of the school curriculum in Scandinavia).

They are the lovechildren of Bid (the Monochrome Set) and Lawrence (Felt). On their debut cdep under their then name "the Everyday Mistakes" they wore these influences like a badge (while also referencing early Prefab Sprout - think "Swoon"  in sound and the Pale Fountains in look if not in sound), but still managed to create a sound all of their own.


Since then they seem to have broadened their scope (and have undergone a slight namechange) : new songs like the echo and reverb drenched "voodoo drums" with it's lovely Spaghetti Western trumpets show them to be the grandchildren of Ennio Morricone and Love too ! They also do a great Shadows-like take on the Field Mice classic "a wrong turn and rain" giving the song a totally new perspective. Makes you wonder where Mattias and his friends' new adventures will lead them next ...

If David Lynch should ever turn to making films again instead of incomprehensible puzzles he could do far worse than contacting Mattias and the Everyday Mistakes for the soundtrack.



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Pants Yell!

Pants Yell! : Alison Statton (Soft Abuse)

Barely relieved from the "Recent Drama" album, one of the most remarkable essays of last year, with its out-of-time indiepop hymns*, I could not do anything but gloat over the idea of listening to this close follower, named after YMG cult frontgirl...

But don't be misleaded by this red herring, no question of a step into minimalistic hypocondriac music here, Pants Yell! remains Pants Yell! and seeing them accomplish again such miracles with the same ingredients - a bit like Tullycraft or the Lucksmiths you know what I mean - is just fantastic ! Andrew Churchmans's plaintive voice and melancholic topics wrapped into dulcet songwriting still make the difference !

"Of all the places I'd like to be its in a room with no TV, an open window with company and smiling faces to say they've missed me"

=> Pants Yell! : "Two French Sisters" mp3

*Pants Yell! : "Our Turf" video, one of those out-of-time hymns I'm talking about...

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Afternoon naps protect your heart

Afternoon Naps : Sunbeamed (Instant Disco)

Scientific studies have shown that afternoon naps may boost your heart health. Cleveland Ohio band Afternoon Naps debut album "sunbeamed" is sure to have the same beneficial effect on your heart. Wrapped in its sleeve depicting a great big orange-yellow sun showering sunbeams is their perfect sunshine pop take on twee pop.

The album (which clocks in at a perfect 21 minutes - they know that perfect pop should be short and sweet - there's no flab or fillers here) veers from the giddy rush of a track called "orange paw" which is very Mates of State in sound, via an instrumental called "argyle spring" which could have been lifted straight of Felt's "let the snakes crinkle their heads ..." al the way through to the more thoughtful " the end is near" which is reminiscent of early Belle and Sebastian (think "Dylan in the movies" but with added Spaghetti Western trumpets). Highlight has to be "postcard" however which really shows their love of the Californian sunshine pop of the '60's (one could play this song in between anything by the Free Design and Best of Friends' "Daybreak" and no-one would notice).

The band themselves describe their music as modernist classic pop and they are not far of the mark. I for one will indulge in these Afternoon Naps a little bit more, and so should you. They protect your heart.


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Souvenir goes Sally Shapiro


Souvenir : Extras 64 (Jabalina Musica)

After a remarkable dancey opus "64" this year,  Spanish francophile band Souvenir is coming back this 26/11 with a new EP including 2 brand new songs : the dance-floor killer "Si tu sais pas" and Blondie's cover "Hanging on the Telephone" in french of course ! Along with these, 3  remixes of "64" songs "Allô Allô", "Une semaine en ballon" and "Accident à Londres" ! "Allô Allô" (also included in the CD as a single video in its original version) is remixed in a very classy eurodisco way by Swedish Master Johan Agebjörn (Sally Shapiro). All songs can be streamed HERE

Speaking of Johan Agebjörn, he recently made a tremendous "female voice" mix called "Sackaros" for Tokion FM, including his latest Allô Allô Remix between some 80's classic french pop like Mylène Farmer & Mikado, and other old and recent scandinavian artists like Sophie Rimheden, Cloetta Paris and the wunderschön song "Follow Me" by Ercola feat. Annie (unfairly neglected all over the world - except in Ibiza - this summer !). Here it is : 

Bonus : Johan Agebjorn mix "Sackaros"

1. Mylène Farmer - L’Ame-Stram-Gam
2. Sophie Rimheden feat. Annika Holmberg - Can You Save Me? (Mont Ventoux Remix)
3. Cloetta Paris - I Miss You Someone
4. Sally Shapiro - I Know
5. Souvenir - Allô allô (Johan Agebjörn remix)
6. Ercola feat. Annie - Follow Me (Original Club Mix)
7. Mikado - Romance
8. Ingela Renliden - Dockans Man

Thanks to Jaime & Johan


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Brixton Windmill 29/11




If you're around London, here are 3 good reasons to consider this gig :


1) First ever UK gig by The Icicles ! Prepare for some fresh girly pop !

2) Stars of Aviation are as good as B&S live !

3)  Pop 'n Cherries will spin some tunes before and after the gigs

See you there !!



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Colin Clary

Colin Clary : Apocalypse Yow ! (Asaurus)

"It's funny how sometimes kindness can feel like urgency and at other times it's the easiest, gentlest thing in the world. Some songs are endings and others are beginnings or commentary or hopeful ways if seeing the light in dark corners. Who decided that letdowns are romantic ? Maybe that's what the twee blues are about. I don't know. If you're an indiepop fan, you should be proud and excited every time one of your heroes ducks the boring cultural spotlight. We firmly reject all that shite, allowing, of course, the guilty pleasure or two. Believe what you want, your tone is inconsistent here. That's cool with me, though. I hope you enjoy my new album. I made it for you. Best, Colin. Yow !"

Mood : affirmative !    => Colin Clary : "Top secret secret project"


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Frost Season Playlist


Fitness Forever - Bacharach (2006)

Tullycraft – The Punks are writing love songs (2007)

Sylvie Laliberté - Ca s'appelle la vie (2004)

The Lodger - Getting Special (Heads We Dance Remix) (2007)

Plastics – Peace (1980)

The Foxgloves – I dreamt Love was a Crime (2003)

The Keith John Adams – Elizabeth Hodgkinson Warzone (2007)

Emitt Rhodes – Come ride, come ride (1967)

La Casa Azul – La gran mentira (2007)

The Softies – Hey Hey Girl (2001)

Twisted Charm – Clone Baby (2007)

Righeira – Disco Volante (1983)

The Airfields - You’re so wonderful (2007)

After-School Sports : Wind Up (2007)

Pants Yell – More Purple (2007)

Sophie Rimheden feat Annika Holmberg – Can You save me ? (Mont Ventoux Remix) (2007)

Anthony Rochester – Interplanetary Relationships (2007)

Autokratz : Reaktor (2007)


It's on the radio ==>

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La Casa Azul


La Casa Azul : La Revolucion Sexual (elefant)

It's been a too long wait since the last proper LCA album, this despite the continuous unsated play of "El Sonido..." and "Tan Simple..." (my 7 year-old daughter can prove it, which doesn't mean she disapproves it, on the contrary...especially with the first-named)

La Revolucion sexual : more disco than eurodisco, more easypop than bubblegum, more electronico-encased than guitar-driven, more Shibuya than Jpop, LCA is going a step forward in the direction of labelmates Helen Love, but still being purely LCA-trademarked : sudden tempo changes, sunshine pop melodies, mix of all genres and sounds (purely homemade - no music sample) as long as it is papalapapa-pop, including 8bit and Kraut inclusions !

Mexico and Barcelona are already mad about them, London and Stockholm still have to shake their ass a bit, not to talk about aliens ...

"La revolucion sexual" video with Guille Milkyway for the first time officially in action !!!! :


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B9 / Digital Dance

Various : B9 Compilation / Digital Dance : Treatment (Sandwich / LTM Recordings)

Brussels, Belgium, post-punk period...

Alongside the very arty and chic belgian labels Les Disques du Crépuscule & Crammed Discs, Sandwich Records was a clearly less elitist & more underground alternative offered, focused on electro-experimental & post-punk rock.

The purpose of the label was not to attract a cult audience but more to promote home-grown artists like Polyphonic Size, Kid Montana or Digital Dance. As usual, due to lack of funds, the label had to close down in 1982 after only 17 proper releases.

The cult Sandwich Records' B9 compilation is now reedited on LTM by James Nice (who used to work in Brussels for Le Crépuscule and PIAS in the mid 80's). For this reissue, the comp has been happily expanded with 8 extra tracks by the Names, Isolation Ward, Front 242..., presenting a more exhaustive picture of the Belgian scene between 1979 and 1983.

Amongst all those bands, Digital Dance - together with The Names -, was the most remarkable, playing some great guitar-driven anxious and austere music, in the vein of Josef K. Like a miracle, a reissue compilation of all their works called "Treatment" is released on LTM in the same time than the B9 comp !

Sources : B9 bis sleeve notes


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After-school sports


After-school sports : A short melodrama (Cosy Den recordings)

"Melodrama can be distinguished from Tragedy by the fact that they are open to having a happy ending"

Alice Luther Näsholm is only eighteen years old, is hailing from Stockholm and is making this type of fresh bedroom-casio-pop driving me instantly mad, less clean than Bobby Baby, more DIY than Action Biker, sometimes as inspired as Soda Fountain Rag, this is released as a 300 copies only CDr so hurry up to get the chance to pick one HERE or HERE ! Melodrama songs on light comedy music...

=> "Wind up"


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Anthony Rochester


Anthony Rochester : Music for in the Spaceship (Kaleidoscopic Lights Collective)

Talk about Anthony Rochester to Australian "indie" bands and you'll realize many of them never heard of him ! Is it because he's coming from a sort of "apart" territory called Tasmania or because he's not signed on Candle (RIP), Popboomerang or Lost and Lonesome Records ? Both may be clues... If you look for a massive number of Anthony fans, better go to US, Norway or Japan !!!

"Music for in the Spaceship" is his third album. Well, at the moment, i'd better use future tense "will be" cos' this is just a very limited dodgy pre-release of the album due early next year on Hobart-based Kaleidoscopic Lights Collective with a proper pressing and more impressive artwork/packaging. Although I really like the front cover here and I hope it will be kept !

Musically, this is again pure one-man multi-instrumental debauchery, but a clean and classy one ! Lounge, bossa-Nova or guitar indie-driven easy melody songs...overtopped with Anthony pacifying voice. Be sure to pick Anthony on his US/UK/Scandinavia tour and put this album on the first place in your 2008 "to buy" list !

=> 'I love you Baby'   dedicated to Carmela

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Fitness Forever

Fitness Forever : Mondo Fitness  single (EMI Italy)

Still several days to come before the official release of the brand new La Casa Azul album "La revolucion sexual" on Elefant, and this lookalike Italian band, amateur of figurative sport, will succeed in holding on our breath very nicely !

After a very confidential "Marmalade Gomelsky" autoproduced album last year, Valderrama & co have managed to sign on a major, which is quite unbelievable regarding the type of pop they're playing. This splendid single is the first extract of a full album. With some strings added, this could even please your stepmother...

=> Fitness Forever website  => www.myspace.com/fitnesswithyou

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The Dreamers

The Dreamers : Day for Night (Friendly Noise)

The release of this debut album by the Anglo-Swedish duo was awaited in many respects :

It's the first time Kevin Wright (of Always & Mr Wright fame) is really sharing the songwriting and interpretation with somebody (Sarah Nyberg Pergament of Action Biker) on a specific project, leaving temporarily the "él-Le Grand Magistery-Siesta" network to sign on the unparallel swedish label Friendly Noise (Action Biker label of course !). Song after song, main interpretation is wittingly switching from Sarah to Kevin and musical encasement from smooth acoustico-melancholic ballads to bossa-nova crafted tunes.

It's also the first time Sarah is leaving her one-woman electropop band to perform more downbeat orchestrated stuff that perfectly suits to her voice range...a bit as if a happy Trish Keenan had transformed in a a very sad Karolina Komstedt for some time...

Recreative lusciousness, pure sobriety, sweet romanticism, this is far more than a side-project, this is 2 musicians from different generations & horizons getting together and enjoying it. Day for Night...Happy Sad as Tim Buckley used to say...

=> Buy it HERE       => http://www.myspace.com/thedreamersspace

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The Lolligags


The Lolligags : Wired EP (HHBTM Records)

Apart of hailing from Athens Georgia, The Lolligags are not a typical HHBTM band, which is unfortunate and profitable in the same time. Unfortunate cos' they're not playing this US guitar indiepop that is building - today more than ever - HHBTM reputation,  profitable cos', with this debut EP, the duo keenly distinguishes itself with a supercute synth-driven unpretentious pop, topped with Lene Lovich-like striking & mesmerizing vocals (wonderful Leslie). Another breeze of fresh air is blowing on Athens...2008 Popfest is waiting for me !!!!

"Kitten, come over ! Kitten, come on let's have a ball. Come kiss me kitten we don't have to speak at all. I don't know why you will not admit I'm on the attack. Riot grrrl is back."

=> http://www.myspace.com/thelolligags

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Math an Physics Club


Another fresh mailbox delivery from Matinée Recordings is this brand new EP from our Seattle darlings MAPC. A faithful follow-up to their-still recent- debut album. From the suave "Baby I'm yours" to the mannered "Nothing really happened", from the swaying "In this together" to the breezy closer "Do you keep a Diary", cheering overall feeling guaranteed...

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The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths : Spring a Leak (Matinée recordings)

Amongst all those Aussie indie bands, at the exception of the Cannanes maybe, The Lucksmiths must be the ones having participated to the most side projects, label comps, remixes or split 7". "Spring a Leak" is gathering all those exclusive moments, from stunning covers (The Siddeleys, The Smiths, The Magnetic Fields, The Simpletons, The Cat's Miaow, The Ladybug Transistor, The Modern Lovers, The Sugargliders, Boyracer...) to "Compilation only" songs (on Candle, Matinée, 555, Magic Marker...) and Live sessions (for Swedish P3 radio, Pop In Paris...). 

Not only a collector for all Lucksmiths' lovers, but also an original manner to (re)discover the most influential Aussie band of the last decade...

=> "Rushes of Pure Spring" (Ladybug Transistor cover)  => "There is light that never goes out" (The Smiths cover)  From Yellow Stereo blog

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Radio update

Back to multiple Orgasm Playlist :


- Soda Fountain Rag : The saddest Boy again (2007)

- Automelodi : Schema corporel (2006)

- The Radio Dept : Bachelor Kisses (2007)

- The Guild League : The Storm (2004)

- Radio LXMBRG : Score on the Floor (2007)

- Lisa Tani : Rouge et bleu (2004)

- Rocca : Baby Mine (2007)

- Moosy Flanagan : Savez vous danser sans soulier (1959)

- Louis Philippe : Fallen Snow (2007)

- The Lucksmiths : How to tie a Tie (Pipas Remix) (2004)

- Math & Physics Club : Do you keep a Diary (2007)

- Dode’s ka-den : Grenadine and I (~1994)

- The Hat Company : Tide (2006)

- Usha Uthup & Chorus : One two cha cha cha (1978)

- Jens Lekman : And I remember every Kiss (2007)

- The Inner space : Kamera Song (1968)

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A Smile and a Ribbon


A Smile and a Ribbon : The Boy I wish I never met (Shelflife)

Relaunched Shelflife staples are gratifying us with this refreshing debut album from the swedish duo, reminding me a lot of Language of Flowers (how strange !!), same kind of Heavenly charm, same airy vocals but with more clappings and even several electronic intrusions. Warning : repeated listening will borrow your heart !

=> A Smile and a Ribbon : The Boy I wish I never met

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Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca !Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca !Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca ! Rocca !

=> http://www.myspace.com/roccarocca

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Souvenir : S/T EP (Jabalina 1999)

Amongst all what those "Spanish Francophile bands" (Les très bien ensemble, Plastic d'amour, Souvenir) have achieved to date, this Souvenir eponym debut EP lies, to my eyes, on a pedestal. 

From the twee-minded "Belles-de-jour" the to the Beach Boys reprise "Ne dis pas", from the yé yé sounding "Au bord du soleil" to the beatbox-driven "La femme aux mille visages", premonitory of their recent issue "64", this is just the perfect way of starting a pop career...

Each song of the EP was also supported by a specific front sleeve to be chosen  following your mood, your favourite song or the cover design itself. A  must have.

=> Souvenir : Belles-de-jour             => on sale HERE

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Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman : Night falls over Kortedala (Service)

The time when Rocky Dennis rose to heaven is far behind us. After making a joyriding accross the whole wide world, his incarnation on earth has finally settled down to deliver us a message under the form of 12 enchanting love commandments. Rocky is in very familiar terms with the angels and he salutes you...

=> on sale HERE

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Plastic Operator


Plastic Operator : Different Places (Fine Day Records)

No electro effects escalation for the Belgo-Canadian duo on its debut album, just simple likeable electro pop anthems, sung with a charming flemish accent (Pieter Van Dessel), that go straight to the heart. Of course, difficult not to think of Postal Service or Styrofoam but, as we said, the main relevance here is to be found in the infectious melodies, from the old single "Folder" to the dancefloor-friendly "Singing all the time" or the more introspective " Couch" and "The Pleasure is mine". A truly significant accomplishment !

=> Plastic Operator : Couch

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Factory Night (Again)


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Louis Philippe


Louis Philippe : An Unknown Spring (Wonder)

From él sunshine deserts to Shibuya Trattoria, from literary musical settings to children fantasy pop, from his first EP on le Crépuscule to his latest collaboration with Stuart Moxham on his own label, Louis Philippe is part of pop history, he IS pop history. But the intention is not to look in the rearview mirror...

"An Unknown Spring" is formally sophisticated, sustained with strings, often piano-driven, backed with pastoral vocal harmonies and baroque arrangments, quite close to early él essays. As we could expect, some songs like notably "The Hill and the Valley", "An Unknown Spring" or the instrumental "Liverpool" are close to perfection while  "Fallen Snow" is even going further, being the equivalent of a "retrogressive science fiction essay" in literature. Future is now.

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