Tillmanns : A careless lifestyle (Fraction Discs

Came accross the Tillmanns last year with their "Run" title (from the first ever Fraction Discs release), a sort of early 80's hypnotic down beat whine, but didn't dig any further. Well, the new-born debut album from the Göteborg duo is appearing like the perfect opportunity to make it up, between The Wake bipolarity, Section 25 introspection, and early-Cure comforting darkness ! Strange, melancholic, stifling, beautiful...

=> Tillmanns : Heavy Rotation

=> Tillmanns : Here's a Hit with them in Mind

Thanks to Jörgen and Renée

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Back to school playlist


- Little Big Adventure : Ben & Jerrys (2007)

- Guillaume Fédou : L’homme de neige (2007)

- Johan Agebjorn feat Sally Shapiro : Spacer Woman from Mars (2007)

- The Yesterday Sky : A Winter’s Dawn (1992)

- Righeira : Gli parlero di te (1984)

- The Pains of being pure at Heart : This love is fucking right ! (2007)

- Gerd Michaelis Chorus : Schon Fangt Jede Liebe An (1969)

- Dondolo : J’ai deux amours (2007)

- Shop Assistants : It’s up to you (1986)

- Vells : Once upon a Whirlpool (2007)

- Sucrette : Love & Whistle (2007)

- Sally Shapiro : He keeps me alive (2007)

- Magazine 60 : Don Quichotte (1985)

- The Bridal Shop : From Seas (2007)

- Elsa Leroy : Mieux vaut tard que jamais (1965)

- Mother & the Addicts : Yeah Next (2007)

- Thick Pigeon : Jess & Bart (1984)

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Dondolo : Dondolisme (La bulle sonore)

Romain Guerret - aka Dondolo - allows himself to do whatever he wants, he doesn't sing, he enjoys the use of cheap synths that go pouêt pouêt and guitars that go khling khling, he feels like a superstar, he sings in the supermarkets, he speaks in English or in French, he's having sex with a traffic warden on a car bonnet...

Mylène Farmer, Richarg Gotainer, Jacno, Casino Music, Plastic Bertrand...Dondolo is each and all of them , very French and very 80's in the same time... For sure, Dondolism is going on...

==> Dondolo : J'ai deux amours

==> Buy it HERE

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Belgian/French Euro disco ?

Well yeah it did exist and it was mmm...not bad at all !!

Nathalie : My Love won't let you down (1983 - Belgium)

This was a huge hit in Belgium and France and the couplets originally were sung in French. Except for the singing, this sounds a bit like Human League...Nathalie also made a duet with Plastic Bertrand called "L'amour OK", but the song was not OK...She's is now successfully working in the prêt-à-porter field in Brussels... 

Magazine 60 : Don Quichotte (1985-France)

Magazine 60 was initially intended to reinterpretate 60's standards with an 80's euro beat sauce but happilly for us, they quickly made their own comps and offered us this tremendous classic along with their other "Rendez-vous sur la Costa del Sol"...

Muriel Dacq : Tropiques (1986-Belgium)

Muriel was the wife of  well-known Belgian singer/songwriter called Alec Mansion (of Léopold Nord & Vous fame). The funny thing about this video, shot in Oostende, is that Muriel is singing "J'ai chaud" (It's hot) while wearing a scarf...pure belgian auto-derision...

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The Bridal Shop

The Bridal Shop : From Seas EP (autoproduced)

The Bridal Shop has got this peculiar Swedish way of making great pop by absorbing New Order synthesization/gimmicks and add some of the best dream pop effects on it , think Red Sleeping Beauty, The Embassy or Labrador label... Seven songs without any weak point, breathy male and female vocals, and the sincere hope to hear more from them soon...

Get the CD-R for only 5€ by asking it here : thebridalshop@gmail.com

=> The Bridal Shop : From Seas

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Sucrette : C'est si bon (autoproduced)

"Sucrette" in french is used to designate those horrible artificial sweeteners with barbarian names... But Sucrette, this cute duo from Kyoto, formed of Shiho on - sweet helium high - vocals and Hidetaka Okuda on programs and instruments, is everything but barbarian...Like the splendid Retro Machida cover illustration leads to suppose, only pure modernism and innocence to be found here, a sort of whirling soup of french pop, bossa-nova, indie and pico pico, reminding some essays of fellow bands like Hi-Posi or 800 cherries...Prends ta sucrette, darling, c'est si bon !

=> Buy it HERE or HERE     => Sucrette : Love & whistle

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Elsa Leroy



A1. Comment fais-tu

A2. Mieux vaut tard que jamais

B1. Quelle foule, quelle foule!

B2. Où va le vent





In the yé yé times, being elected as "Mademoiselle Age Tendre" (from the eponym well-known French teen magazine) was a synonym of instantaneous recognition. In the case of Elsa Leroy, elected in 1965, this led to the immediate release of a charming and unique EP on the AZ label.

Amongst these 4 hapy-go-lucky and cheeky songs, "Mieux vaut tard que jamais" is my fave. This title is the cover of the 1964 Beau Brummels hit "Just a little" . The cover is better than the original, with its Bollywoodesque intro, its harpsichord, its reverberating guitars and Elsa's whispering voice...

Elsa soon met her husband and unfortunately dissapeared, leaving this one and only EP for posterity...

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Little Name

little name

Little Name : How to Swim and Live (Sleepy Records)

When we first came accross Little Name songs on Indiepages demo section one year ago, we instantly fell under the spell of those catchy tunes and simple love/life stories. Sound comparisons with any contemporary glaswegian acts or any ancestral liverpoolian band may have their sense although we're not talking about a proper band here, we're talking about one man : Lee Barker aka Leebo, the type of guy who was born with this abnormal DIY ubiquity !! 

After kindly making the songs streamable for months, after an appearance on the lovely Fruit Records' Peachy Little Secrets compilation, after surviving a damn flat' fire which led the project to an alarming hibernation, "How to Swim and Live" is at last released on Sleepy Records and we hardly can hide our enthusiasm ! Trumpets, broken hearts, horns, reverie, sparkling guitars, one-way love, outmoded melodies ...this is what it's all about : a step forward in the pursuit of happiness !

As you can see, artwork and packaging are awesome as well and we couldn't dream of a better jewel case to shelter the songs we learnt to cherish. If you want to offer an art object to your best friends, this is the one you blindly have to go for...

==> Little Name : "For the Attention of"

==> Buy it HERE

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Rose, Harvey, Kevin & Sarah


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Luna Parker


Luna Parker : "Félin pour l'autre" LP  (1988- Barclay)

French duo Luna Parker (Rachel Ortas and Eric Tabuchi, former members of new wave outfit Tokow Boys) arose like a salutary fresh breeze in the french charts sky in 1986 with its anthem "Tes états d'âme Eric", a genious mixture of mindlessness, trivial puns, exotica beats and killing melody. After 3 more singles, came their one and only LP "Félin pour l'autre" in 1988, which, despite some typical 80's tics, abounds with true pop pearls...The album has never been properly reedited on CD.

The song "La tour de Londres", included in the LP, was written for the duo by gifted french songwriter Jean-François Coen and became the single "La tour de Pise" 5 years later on his eponym debut album. The video - see below- was directed by Michel Gondry.

==> Luna Parker : "La Tour de Londres"

==> Jean-François Coen : "La Tour de Pise"

Thanks to Eve

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Cats on Fire Live 26/07 @ Windmill London

Cats on fire : "I'm the white mantled King"

After a stunning gig kick-off by The Brights (we’ll talk about them later) and a cute minimalist set by our French darlings The Sunny Street, Mattias and his band  came up to set the Windmill… on fire. The song featured hereabove was  the introduction of a really brilliant and convincing set, driven by the band’s wonderful debut album, with no chapter for early EP’s. At the keyboards, we could recognize special guest Kate Dornan (Fosca, Scarlet’s Well).  Thanks to HDIF for organizing this memorable event, the main reason of our London trip, and to Mattias for being so kind and available …

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Friday Bridge vs This Year's Model


This Year's Model : The Clock Strikes Ten ( Marsh Marigold - Eur. release 3rd Aug. 07)

Friday Bridge : Intricacy (But is it Art? - released 23d May 07)

Friday Bridge (FB) and This Year’s Model (TYM) are both hailing from Sweden and have 2 other points in common, personnified into Ylva Lindberg, FB frontwoman - TYM keyboardist/vocalist  and Niklas Gustafsson, FB producer – TYM  vocals/guitars...


With its brilliant songwriting, its multifacial powerpop and  its Higher Elevations / Jesterbells-like jangly bits, This Year’s Model’s  ”The Clock strikes ten” is, after each listening, slowly growing on us like a breathtaking sharp-penned crime novel. It is to be noted it features musical guest Bid from Monochrome Set/Scarlett’s Well, as well as exclusive writings from Vic Godard, Jessica Griffin (both of él fame !) and Dickon Edwards (Fosca).


With its baroque arrangements and its elegant electronic pop stories, Friday Bridge’s Intricacy has become the soundtrack of our summer, titillating our buried Sandra and Mylène Farmer heartstrings...



Let’s talk with Ylva (Y)  and Niklas (N) about both musical projects :


-Released less than 2 months ago, Friday Bridge album got a quick positive response in Sweden and it’s starting now all over Europe. Do you think those catchy synthpop songs are commercially more viable than TYM jangly guitar tracks?


Y : Yes, probably – Friday Bridge’s danceable synth pop sound is a more ”popular” sound at the moment than the guitar pop of This Year’s Model, I guess – on the other hand, guitars can be very commercially successful too…

I’m very happy with the response to the Friday Bridge album in Sweden – the attention from the media and the public has really been more than we could hope for. Hopefully, this is followed by success for the This Year’s Model album as well, when it’s released.


-In the TYM album, I surprisingly found 2 references to Belgium: the song “Hotel Damier, Courtrai” of course, and the book trade label reproduction “Ancienne Librairie Castaigne, Bruxelles” in the splendid booklet artwork. What are the stories behind those mentions?


CastaigneLgY : Yes, that’s true! ”The Clock Strikes Ten” is meant to be something of an European album, where we have placed the songs in different European countries that we like – and since Belgium is one of our favourite countries in Europe, well there you are. The sea, the rain, the moules frites, the European Parliament, it all seems very This Year’s Model-esque…


-We see trough both TYM and - especially - FB albums that you’re a declared Francophile and I need to say your French is very fluent! How long did you stay in France? Any French artist/personality you feel connected to?


Y : Well, it’s a bit funny, nobody says someone is an Anglophile just because they sing in English… I wouldn’t say I’m a Francophile in the sense that I would worship everything French, rather I just like to use the language. I stayed in Paris for half a year, but I go there at times and stay for a while, it’s a wonderful city in many ways of course. The French (=francophone) artists that I like most I guess are the commercial pop artists of the 80s – Jeanne Mas, Corynne Charby, early Mylène... Yes, and Lio. And Elli & Jacno. I’ve grown out of yé-yé though...


-Last night I dreamt of the Return of the Marsh Marigold Christmas Party in Hamburg with This Years Model, Lovedance, Miniskirt, Alaska and Cats on Fire! Can you do anything to make this dream come true?



N : A great idea! We would love to do it, naturally. This Year’s Model are going to Germany for a tour shortly so I will talk to Oliver that runs the label and see what he says about it… hope he’s up for it!


-Which project are you planning to tour with actually, if any ?


Y : This Year’s Model will do a short tour in Northern Germany which will include performances in Hamburg, Berlin and Kiel. Probably a couple of more places. We start off by playing at M/S Hedi in Hamburg on 29th of August.

Friday Bridge will do an Autumn club tour in Sweden starting in October. The first show is in Lund in the south part of the country. Also we will, most likely, play in Stockholm, Linköping, Örebro, Uppsala and Gothenburg. This Year’s Model tour as a five piece while Friday Bridge live is just me and Niklas.


-Tell us about your collaboration with the enigmatic Dickon Edwards on both TYM and FB albums…Don’t you think he’s got the perfect murderer profile? Did the “crime theme” idea come before or after making the songs?

Dickon Edwards

Y : My (Friday Bridge’s) label, the rest of This Year’s Model and I all love what Mr Edwards is doing, both with Fosca and with his entertaining online diary. As the ultimate urban aesthete, he suited perfectly as a guest artist on ”Intricacy” and since he is also a great writer he was a natural choice to ask to write a short story for the ”The Clock Strikes Ten” booklet. Actually, Niklas has recorded and are about to mix a live Fosca album for release via the internet later this year. It will be distributed for free via But is it Art? in some way…

N : The crime theme is something that I always liked to do. Sherlock Holmes, and Maigret, and things like that has always been in my liking so when we realised that quite a lot of the songs had lyrics featuring references to crime scenes, Jean-Paul Belmondo (who is of course the most perfect of all on-screen criminals), suicide, abuse, criminally overrated artists etc… we decided to make it the main theme of the album.


-Mmmm I was wondering, in your old FB song “It Girl”, you talk about a venitian blonde woman with a stupid and ugly boyfriend… Is this autobiographical J ?


Y : Haha, well I am a Venetian blonde alright, but I have a both very bright and very attractive boyfriend… so, no! Generally, the Friday Bridge lyrics are not autobiographical in that sense.


=> Friday Bridge : Love and Nostalgia

=> This Year's Model : O Heaven Help My Foolish Heart (feat Bid)


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Michael Dracula


Michael Dracula : In the Red (Ze Records)

ZE records was established in NY from 1978 till 1986 by British-born Michael Zilkha (Z) and French-born Michel Esteban (E) and featured a bunch of arty NY-based artists integrating the essence of local predilection genres post-punk, avant-garde and disco, all reunified under the term “No wave”


Since its Parisian regeneration by Esteban in 2003, the label has concentrated in reediting its back-catalog including Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Cristina, James White and some reference compilations like Mutant Disco. In addition to this, ZE also reedited the full catalog of french pop icon Lio for our entire – not dissimulated - satisfaction...


ZE is now going a little further with its first proper release since more than 20 years and the result is beyond all opulent expectations!!!! Michael Dracula, fronted by Scottish-woman Emily Mac Laren, is more than a band perpetuating the “ZE sound”! Michael Dracula is literally hitting our minds with these abrasive and wild sound textures running over note’s sequences, not in the “experimentation” sense but in the “design” meaning, instituting the song as real work of art. The whole bunch is quite listener-friendly though : rhythm guitars coupled with metronomic beats, old-timey saloon pianos and Farfiza organs, nearly-psychobilly guitars plus Emily’s atonal mesmerizing voice. The real ZE new departure in this 21st Century…


==> Michael Dracula : In the Red

==> Buy the album HERE or HERE

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Invisible Twin


Each and every one of us surely has an invisible twin somewhere on Earth. Mine is living somewhere in Kashmir. How do I know this ? I feel it. Need to go there one day...

Bollocks ! Invisible Twin is the name of a delicate pop duo (Rose and Mario - ex Shoestrings -1994/1999 - of Le Grand Magistery fame) that is going to release its debut album this autumn on ... Le Grand Magistery. I heard them for the first time on "A Very Magistery Valentine" comp early this year with this "Best Kept Secret" song and I must say I'm conquered by the songs on their Myspace too, so we'll keep an eye on them, promised !!!

There's only one girl I want to hold, and it's you, why can't I tell you ?

==> Invisible Twin : Best Kept Secret



Retro Bonus from the wonderful "Wishing on Planes" Shoestrings album (1997 - Le Grand Magistery), which, despite being very sarah-guitar orientated, owns some "Invisible Twin" forewarning moments like this one :

==> Shoestrings : Timeline

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The Lodger


The Lodger : Grown-ups (Slumberland / Angular)

Since the latest Aislers Set album in 2003, I thought Slumberland label was dead...good news, it is not.

Since 2003, I thought Cinerama was dead too, they're still, sorry,  but somehow resurrected a bit through The Lodger ...

Since the discovery of the wonderful song "You Got me wrong" in 2005, I've been following each and every release by the band and here it is at last, the perfect 14 songs deliverance, including all the singles we've learnt to love...

==> The Lodger : Watching

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Cola Jet Set

Cola Jet Set : Contando Historias (LP 2005) / Suena el teléfono (EP 2007- Subterfuge)
Brought into existence in 2001 from the ashes of the cult Spanish combo Los Fresones Rebeldes, Cola Jet Set is an endearing band from Barcelona, driven by a sort of bubblegum vs mod vs surf pop sound, mainly supported by sun-filled hispano-female voices. The new EP "Suena el teléfono" is following the great "Contando Historias" LP (produced by Mr Guille Azul Milkyway), and both are made of instant melodies that will straightaway clarify your ideas...Perfect in the early evening with a vanilla tea and some english cookies, especially when it's pissing buckets outside...

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Ding Dong, time for a new radio show, featuring past, present and future stories


Cloetta Paris : I miss you someone (2007)              Sally Shapiro’s twin sister

The Lodger : Let Her go ! (2007)                            Leeds indiepoppers’ LP out on on Slumberland!

My Little Airport : Gi gi Leung is dead (2005)         Classic from long time H-K faves, reedited on Elefant

Doggy : Les petits parcours (2007)                          Great demo from anorak pop French ambassadors  

Ercola feat Annie : Follow me (2007)                      A Major club Hit !!!

Virna Lindt : Shiver (1983)                                      Our dearest ice blonde model agent at last on CD

California Snow Story : You set the Scene (2007)   Stunning comeback from the glaswegians on Letterbox

The Marshmallow Kisses : My dear giant (2005)      Another long time H-K favourite

Moral : The Aerage Life (1983)                               80’s Minimal Elektro from the cult Flexipop comps

M Charivari : Références (2007)                              Brussels golden boy vs Jérôme(Orwell)& Armelle (Holden)

Cradle of Smurf : Nouille drove (2007)                    French duo. Starts like Grauzone, finishes like Add N to X

Tot Taylor : Living in Legoland (1981)                    From “A Young Person’s Guide to Compact” on LTM

Friday Bridge : Love and Nostalgia (2007)              How we want pop music to be...

Alexandra : Solenzara (1968)                                 Alexandra's hypnotic velvet voice...

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Kleenex : Ain't You (Sunrise/Rough Trade 1978)

"All-girl band from Switzerland, they released Ain't You on their own label, Sunrise, one of the first releases distributed by Rough Trade before being re-issued on the Rough Trade label itself. In 1980 the band changed their name to Liliput after a threatened legal action by tissue manufacturers Kimberley-Clark (see also Glaxo Babies). Kleenex, alongside other Punk bands such as The Slits and The Raincoats had a big influence on the Riot Grrrl! movement of the 1980s and early 90s"

Note by Stuart Baker from the very instructive compilation "DIY, the rise of the independent music industry after punk" issued early 2007 on Soul Jazz Records

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Jil Caplan


Jil Caplan : Derrière la porte (EMI Music France - Music Jay Alansky - Lyrics Jil Caplan)

Il est de ces personnes qui un jour embrassent votre parcours, vous prennent la main et vous sourient.
Il est de ces personnes qui le lendemain changent de sillon, vous échappent et vous désaprennent.
Il est de ces personnes que l’aubaine vous fait retrouver.
Vous n’êtes plus les mêmes. Vous êtes-vous jamais quittés ?
C’est l’histoire de Jil et Jay
C’est l’histoire de Jil/Jay et votre dévoué…

Some people, one day, enter up your path, take you by the hand and smile at you.
Some people, the day after, take another lane, get away from you and unlearn you.
Some people finally come back, by a stroke of luck
You are no longer the same persons. Have you ever parted ?
This is the story of Jil and Jay
This is the story of Jil/Jay and your devoted …

=> Toute crue, le journal de Jil

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Cloetta Paris

Case made and big thanks to Valerie Dore...

Cloetta Paris : I miss you Someone

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Electronicat : Chez toi (Disko B)

Basking in his Berlin marsh, Fred Bigot is alive, kicking and keeping his long winning magic formula : grumbling bass, catchy rockin' guitars, raw noisy landscapes, uncaping beats, scores mainly sung in French...Take this in your face, please !

==> Electronicat : "Chez toi"

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A Young Person's Guide to Compact


A Young Person's Guide to Compact (The Compact Org. 1982 - LTM 2007)

Tot Taylor and the Compact Organization are integral enigmas to me. First of all, Tot himself, with his very conservative teacher appearance, his traditional style and his musical inclinations for American Standards, how could such a guy be the initiator of one of the most innovative pop label of the post-punk period ? Secondly, The Organization itself, how could such a bunch of different and antagonist figures as girl spy Virna Lindt, rock-lobster piece Shake/Shake, diva singer Cynthia Scott, Loungey dandy Tot and beehive 60's singing barbie Mari Wilson form such a perfect and consistent artistic entity ?

Subtitled "The ready-to-hear collection", this "Young Person's Guide to Compact", one of my all time favourite comp, is exactly what it's all about, kitsch chamber pop, trivial easy listening, perpetual anachronism...25 years after its original release and 18 years after a confidential CD release in Japan, here it is at last for a very decent price, disintered for you by LTM ...


Here they are too, the 2 albums from our dearest nordic model agent Virna Lindt...Shiver (1983) is a splendid masterpiece, somewhere between John Barry and chic 60's spy series...Play/Record (1985) is more narrative, orchestral, and  a lil' more anchored in 80's europop sound ... Fantastic re-releases !!!

==> Virna Lindt : "Young and Hip" (exclusive single from "A Young Person's Guide to Compact" - non album track)

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Melon Galia & Co






Vous me quittez déjà EP

(Autoproduced - 1998)


1. L'occasion de me taire

2. Carrés d'atmosphère

3. Le gel

4. Le blanc













I’m often asked to recommend some Belgian twee or indiepop bands and my answer is always the same: “Nil, but you should check out Melon Galia and Austin Lace!” Between 1998 and 2003, Melon Galia has originated the cutest guitar pop ever written in Belgian Kingdom and Austin Lace has now become the Belgian ambassador of immediate sweet sugary melodies. Well, those 2 bands do have something in common : Thierry de Brouwer, former Melon Galia frontman, is now full-time Austin Lace guitarist and is newly indentified under “Le Yéti”. So let’s meet The Abominable Snowman (he’s speaking French, that’s the scoop of the century!):


-Aujourd’hui, avec le recul, quel regard portes-tu sur les années Melon Galia ?


J’essaie de domestiquer une inclinaison naturelle à la nostalgie, alors je ne m’étendrai pas trop sur la question.

Ce fut pour moi un moyen très gratifiant de retarder l’entrée dans l’âge adulte, si tant est que j’y suis entré... Je n’ai jamais autant rencontré de gens intéressants, voyagé, et pris du bon temps qu’avec Melon Galia.

D’un point de vue musical, je pense qu’il y avait une bonne combinaison entre nous. On n’a jamais eu l’intention ou l’ambition de révolutionner quoi que ce soit, mais on sentait qu’on pouvait arriver à quelque chose d’intéressant. L’audience qu’on a eue, pour modeste qu’elle fut, a été bien plus grande que ce qu’on pouvait imaginer. Dans l’univers de la pop en français, il y avait une place pour nous en tout cas…


Sinon, comme son de cloche extérieur, j’entends souvent certaines personnes dire qu’on était là trop tôt, qu’on n’a pas pu bénéficier de la vague d’engouement pour le rock belge. Mouais…


-Lors de votre tournée de 2003 au Canada, vous avez eu l’occasion d’avoir « Arcade Fire » comme opening act. Au-delà de l’anecdote, aviez-vous déjà pu pressentir quelque chose de remarquable chez les Montréalais ? 


Rétrospectivement je le regrette, mais pendant leur concert, on était vautré sur un canapé dans le fond de la salle, encore sous le coup du décalage horaire. Ce dont je me souviens, c’était les amplis en direct, une sono criarde pour le chant et le violon. Ca sonnait bordélique, enjoué, mais le concert n’avait pas plus retenu mon attention que ça. Ils ont fait un extraordinaire bond en avant depuis…


-Une chanson de Melon Galia à laquelle tu penses, là, tout de suite ?



« Une affaire importante ». C’est la chanson qui ouvre notre album « Les embarras du quotidien ». Je pense qu’on peut en être fier. En tout cas, tout y est assumé et je la réécoute sans peine. Elle est honnête et j’y suis attaché…


-Qu’est-ce qui a causé la fin de Melon Galia ? Une reformation éphémère ou même durable est-elle encore possible ?


Délicate question… C’est moi qui ai pris la décision de mettre fin au projet. Ca ne s’est pas fait sur un coup de tête, mais la décision a été ressentie plutôt brutalement par les autres. Disons qu’il y avait une accumulation de choses qui me paraissaient insurmontables. Ca n’a été un bon moment pour personne, je pense, mais ce fut aussi une libération. L’accouchement de l’ album ne s’est pas fait sans heurt, et je ne me voyais pas batailler à nouveau. De plus, je n’étais plus du tout à l’aise avec une certaine image qui nous collait à la peau . En fait, j’étais vraiment déprimé à cette période, et je me suis enfui de tout ce qui concernait de près ou de loin Melon Galia.


Il n’empêche que je revois les autres avec plaisir et on suit nos carrières respectives, on s’encourage mutuellement. On est très conscient des qualités de chacun.


Quant à une reformation éventuelle, rien ne l’interdit à priori, mais il faudrait que ce soit une volonté commune à un moment donné et comme on est chacun pris par nos projets respectifs, ce n’est donc pas pour tout de suite…


-Quand es-tu apparu dans le line-up d’Austin Lace et en es-tu aujourd’hui un membre à part entière ? Es-tu intervenu dans l’écriture des morceaux du prochain album ? Quelle en sera la tonalité ?


L’été 2005,  Fabrice le chanteur me demandait de remplacer le guitariste Lionel, alors en vacances,  pour un concert au festival de Benicassim. Quelques mois plus tard, Lionel a quitté définitivement le groupe pour se consacrer pleinement à son projet - Lionel Solveigh -, et c’est naturellement que Fabrice a fait appel à moi. Au début, je m’y voyais plus comme un intérimaire, à reproduire une matière déjà existante. Plaisant, parce que les morceaux sont bons et très gais à jouer en concert, mais  limité dans l’implication. Maintenant que je travaille avec eux sur le prochain album qu’on enregistre cet été en Italie, je pense avoir les deux pieds dans le groupe…

Je participe aux arrangements, je propose ici et là des lignes, des refrains, des chœurs mais la matière de base reste une chasse gardée de Fabrice. C’est assez sain parce qu’ on alterne les rôles de boss dans nos groupes respectifs. Il est aussi bassiste dans Le Yéti…


Quant à la tonalité de l’album, je pense que Fabrice a l’ambition de délivrer une pop plus directe encore. Des mélodies et encore des mélodies. A fredonner sans fin. Je m’emballe…


-Ton nouveau projet solo « Le Yéti », semble s’inscrire dans une veine plus « chanson française ». Peut-on y voir une volonté délibérée de dépouillement pour se concentrer davantage encore sur le fond ?



Je me suis toujours senti plus proche de l’univers pop/rock que de celui de la chanson française. Ma collection de disques va aussi dans ce sens. Mais il est vrai que je suis beaucoup plus à l’aise avec l’écriture qu’auparavant. Plus frontal aussi. Je me cache moins derrière la musique. Peut-être cela induit-il une orientation plus chanson française, mais ce n’est pas du tout intentionnel, voire même conscient... Ceci dit, au-delà des morceaux en écoute sur Myspace, les autres sur lesquels on travaille actuellement sont musicalement plus rentre-dedans  que tout ce j’ai pu faire avec Melon Galia. Vivement les concerts…


-Quand peut-on s’attendre à voir ton disque sortir et sur quel label ?


J’ai reçu une proposition sur un label belge, mais j’aimerais d’abord démarcher en France. On verra ce que ça donne. Sinon, pour le calendrier, on enregistre l’album en septembre pour une sortie pas encore fixée...


-Un dernier mot aux lecteurs ?


Ecoutez les groupes présents dans le topfriends myspace du Yéti !!




Soy un Caballo : Les heures de raison (Matamore - 2007)

Preceded by a positive rumour, this is the last project by Aurélie (ex Melon Galia) and her mate Thomas, out on the lovely Matamore label. It should be noted that this release has been learnedly prepared, with Sean O’Hagan and Charlie Francis at the levers, Jessie B. Vernon and Will Oldham as guest-star appearances, stylish artwork, oniric short-movies and, most important, some conquering preview songs like “La bibliothèque” and “Robin”... but the whole bunch is a lil’ unequal, the luxuriance and delicacy of the arrangements sometimes insufficient to shadow a certain lack of emotions, and a propensity to excessively autosuperpose the feminine voice. Nevertheless, along with several indisputable fine cuts, another advantage is that it’ll supposedly become the best-selling Matamore record to date…

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Bears : Shortest Day of the year EP (Autoproduced)

Bears are taking us a little by surprise with this brand new EP, following their lovely auto-produced 2006 debut album. As its main title leads to suppose, the 7 songs have obviously been inspired by the depressing days of the Ohio winter. So do not expect any laugh or upbeat party in here!! Just let yourself get carried away by your inner thoughts… How old am I right now? Where is my Honey gone? Why is this all over?... Not very exciting perspective but you can count on Bears to let it flow easily with these very classy 16 minutes of delicate melancholic pop...

==> Bears : My Pain

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Watoo Watoo


Watoo Watoo : La fuite (Letterbox records) - Official release 11/06/07

Michaël Korchia is a photographer, marketing searcher/professor, Serge Gainsbourg's mailing list webmaster, and musician...but all Michaël's friends will beg you not to give him any guitar cos' he's a "very bad player". Maybe that's also because they're a bit jealous of his songwriting skills... During the last 12 years (wow), the guy has indeed highly contributed to French indiepop nobility with both his bands Watoo Watoo and Mumbly, having collaborated with such labels as Clover Records, Marsh-Marigold, Shelflife, Radio Khartoum or Le Grand Magistery...

A few months that we were awaiting this long-delayed new album, first expected on Skipping Stones and finally released on Letterbox Records (California Snow Story, Morning Bride, The Arrogants,...) ! From n°1 to n°11 hits, Watoo Watoo's previous natural Felt-esque and bossa/indiepop songwriting abilities, have now been wrapped in  a fancy production and completed with many other influences : jazz hints (Si tu me crois), 70's funk (lpb) + an epic last trip-pop trip (Un ami)...and yeah, I almost forgot...Pascale's voice has never been so beautiful...

Let's have a chat with Michaël about all this and more :


How are you feeling several days before the official release of the album ?
I'm feeling... flat.
I just hope that some people will review the album, that some will buy it, that the label won't lose money &... that our listeners will be happy.

Supposing “La fuite” is not a commercial success...
This is quite likely. Of course, it depends on your definition of success. Does it mean to break even, to sell 1 000 copies, or more, to be played on tv & so on?

...can you count on your marketing students to find the way to drastically increase the sales?

Yes, I will force them to buy the record!
Nope, actually, they have a very bad teacher, so don't expect them to be good at this kind of work.

How did you come across Letterbox Records? Have you had “family” contacts with California Snow Story or Morning Bride ?
We first found another label but they had to let us down because of financial difficulties. Then I met David from CSS (great band) via myspace & he talked to me about Letterbox Records. Two or 3 weeks later, I signed a contract with this young, exciting label!


I read you made 2 live appearances this year, which is rather unsuspected. Any chance to see Watoo Watoo live again soon outside Bordeaux ?
It's not so easy because we're quite old now, both of us have a job, & we have 2 children. But if you have a good place to make us play, we're interested, as long as we can be sure that there'll be more people in the crowd than on the stage.

How is Bordeaux nightlife nowadays? Do you miss Paris?
I don't miss Paris except for gigs (I couldn't see Belle and Sebastian last time they played, & I will miss Dean & Britta & Lou Reed in june). Pascale doesn't miss Paris except for job opportunities. But Bordeaux is a beautiful city, I love it: http://www.watoowatoo.net/photo/bordeaux

Your other band Mumbly, who signed a record on Marsh Marigold label in 1997, has never split up! Can we expect new stuff in the next months/years? What are Pierre and Aurore latest news?
We started recording a 5 songs ep in 1998. It's almost finished (it was also almost finished in 2001, though). I'll try to finish it this summer. Oliver from MM was interested in releasing it but he wanted to go for a CDlp instead of a ep. It's not easy because Pierre still lives in Paris. Aurore's been living in Bordeaux for 3 years at least but I have only seen her 3 times since she's here!

Anything more you’d like to say to Pop’n Cherries readers ?
Don't hesitate to click "Commentaire" below & to write what you think about us :).

==> Pre-order the album HERE

==> "Perdu" ==> "La rue d'avant"

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Frànçois is French but lives in Bristol where he found a new home and a lot of mates. François is not making trip-hop. Frànçois’ music is the essence of pop. Frànçois was part of the latest Camera Obscura tour band. Frànçois is writing and singing his tiny stories in Frànglish. Frànçois is multi-instumentist, painter and vidéaste. Frànçois’ voice is marginal and fragile. Frànçois’ homemade website is a place where to be delayed for some time. François likes to tour a lot. Frànçois" new album "Brother" is out very very soon. François is to be seen in a city near you in June and July...check the dates HERE





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Keith Girdler RIP



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 1. The Camera loves Me

 2. Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook


(The Camera loves Me 7" - él records - 1988)




The story of  the Would-Be-Goods is made of come and go. Formed in 1987 by Singapore-raised Jessica Griffin and integrated in Mike Always’ él stalls, the band released its debut single “Fruit Paradise” in 1987, followed in 88 by second cult 7” and parent LP  “The Camera Loves me”, an essay without which "Kahimi Karie would never have existed"…  The WBG’s weren’t actually a band at the time but more Jessica and her sister Miranda on their own, backed by The Monochrome Set !! Enigmatic, sophisticated and evocative guitar pop, instituting Jessica Griffin as the spiritual heiress of Alison Statton and Amelia Fletcher…


 1. Emmanuelle Béart

 2. Je lèche les vitrines

 3. Everybody wants my Baby

 4. Words

(Emmanuelle Béart CDEP - Matinée - 2001)



After leaving the music industry and a brief 93 incursion on the Japanese market (Mondo album on Japanese label Trattoria), Jessica only reappeared in 2001 with the great comeback single “Emmanuelle Béart” on Matinée, notably joined by former Heavenly guitarist Peter Momtchiloff and former Monochrome Set keyboardist Orson Presence. Since then, the band has known several line-up changes and has released 2 highly recommendable albums (Brief Lives 2002 and The Morning After 2004) on Matinée / Fortuna Pop!

13 years between those 2 sleeves,

No Miranda anymore…

Jessica facing the mirror…

A bunch of new songs to be released soon and, in the meantime, Would-Be-Goods are playing the odd show, mainly in London, so stay informed at their Myspace page...

Would-Be-Goods are more important than ever...

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Love Dance


Love Dance : Result (Marsh Marigold)

Until not so long ago, it was obvious for me the Marsh-Marigold golden years were behind us, gathering secretly in those memories and starting to collect all missing catalogue numbers from the cult German label ….


So what happened exactly during the last months in Hamburg? Did the Blessed Virgin appear? I mean, a record like Cats on Fire’s “The Province Complains” can be called a miracle but now, listening to this Love Dance’s “Result”…2 miracles can’t occur at the same time !!!! If we follow the well-attested rule, can we expect a third one with “This Year’s Model” album to be released next month and establish Hamburg as a new pilgrimage place?…Why this spectacular MM comeback after so many years lethargy? Any clue on this ?

Let’s go back to Love Dance: no sensational new sound to expect here, the Norwegians are sticking to this 90’s Scandinavian guitar pop sound, part of the early MM tradition (Acid House Kings, Seashells, Poprace) : light & elegant arrangements, pleasant male/female vocals, soothing and graceful melodies, innocent lyrics…Excellentissima !!!

==> Love Dance : Losing Faith

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Rip it up Festival (Sweden)



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